IntelliScanner Corp. ( has announced
IntelliScanner Classic, an US$99 smart barcode scanner that
automatically organizes, books, movies, and media. By scanning the
retail barcode, IntelliScanner automatically identifies the items
users’ scans using popular online media databases, pulling down the
title, creator, cover artwork, and more.

IntelliScanner’s included media organization software lets you:
organize books, movies, music, and video games: create lists of
favorite titles, track lending, create virtual bookmarks, and
generate insurance reports for a safe deposit box. It works with Mac
OS X and Windows XP/Vista and requires an available USB port.

For teachers and students, IntelliScanner Classic is available at a
special price of just $79. IntelliScanner’s built-in Smart Lists and
Web 2.0 sharing tools let educators share their classroom’s media
collection online for access by students and parents at home. Plus,
IntelliScanner’s free iPhone web app gives users access anywhere.