In his latest “Cult of Mac” column for Wired, Leander Kahney reports on the “Mini iLeader,” a 12-inch GI Joe doll dressed up to look like Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The doll, the brainchild of Danny La and Pam Phillips, is intended to be an emissary for the Mac community, and over the past 18 months has traveled across the United States and even some countries abroad. “The mini iLeader is dispatched every week to a new recipient, postage paid by the previous guardian,” notes Kahney. “Using the accompanying digital camera, the recipient takes several pictures of the mini iLeader and posts them to the project’s website.” Some of the more interesting places the iLeader has been include Microsoft (where it was chased off the premises by security), Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even a stint with the rock group Duran Duran.