MindCad Updates Pyramid for OS X

Austin, TX — September 3, 2004 — MindCad has updated Pyramid, its visual
thinking software for OS X, to version 1.2. New features added include the
ability to link objects to external documents and web sites, the ability to
export OPML for compatibility with many traditional OS X outliners, and an
updated introductory tutorial.

Pyramid, a visually-based outlining and thinking tool, automatically places
connecting lines between related objects on worksheets that grow
dynamically in all four directions. The software is designed to help
people focus their attention on ideas and underlying relationships, as
opposed to wasting creative energy on the mechanics of formatting and
presentation. Pyramid automatically formats objects and worksheets based
upon choices made using the Preferences panel.

A full-featured, save-disabled demo is available for free at The demo includes an introductory tutorial. The full
version of Pyramid sells for $29(US).

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