South Winds Games, developer of the Airport Mania game, has released Inner Quest (, a game for Mac and Windows systems. It’s a puzzle game that costs US$5.95; a demo is available for download.

Here’s how the game is described: “With Inner Quest you will find yourself immersed in an amazing journey that will help you decrease the wear and tear on your mind from the challenges and hassles of daily life by evoking the same emotions that you have while traveling on a sunny day, going on a picnic with the people you love, or while looking at the stars on a warm night”.

Inner Quest sports 100 levels, arcade and relaxed modes, and more. The game is available in English, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish in the same download.

More information about the game, screen shots, video and demo download are available from South Winds Games online. For unlock codes for game reviewing please South Winds Games online for a review copy specifying your name and media you represent (magazine, blog, news paper, TV show, etc. ). The game demo can be distributed freely (provided no modification is made).