IvySkin has announced the iPad SmartCase Quattro-T5 ($S69.99)and Xylo-T4 ($39.99) cases for iPad (http://www.ivyskin.com/ipad-cases), an addition to the Quattro, Xylo and SmartCase series.

Key to the cases are their shock-proof PolyCarbonate construction. The patent-pending Uni-body housing protects against vibrations, drops and shocks. Additionally, IvySkin’ anti scratch- and corrosion-resistant soft touch finish is a more durable surface than TPE, TPU or silicon and ensures that the cases maintain their attractive styling and brand new look, according to the folks at IvySkin.

What’s more, the SmartCase version ($99.99) comes with 3000mAh internal battery, featuring patented technologies for accurate and back-up power, with OTA testing for maximum signal transfer and circuit protection. A Touch-Thru glass protects the screen and withstands heavy-duty use, as well as the foldable click stand enables a hands free operation of the iPad.

All IvySkin cases come with special anti-dust soft touch coating. The custom-designed grips on the Quattro-T5 and SmartCase are designed to provide superior handling.