Dragon Forged Software has released Trivial 1.0
(http://trivial.dragonforged.com), a trivia game for the iPhone and
iPod touch. Trivial is the core application for a suite of trivia
games, including General Knowledge, Sports, and Pop Culture.

Pulled from a multitude of categories, there are over one thousand
questions per game within a selection of difficulties. The question
difficulty adjusts in real time to match the users abilities.

Each of the General Knowledge, Sports, and Pop Culture questions are
pulled from a multitude of categories such as art, business,
technology, geography, health, history, languages, literature,
medicine, sciences, celebrities, movies, music, preforming arts, TV,
video games, baseball, basketball, boxing, football (American),
football (soccer), golf, hockey, and tennis. The application
integrates a score system based on difficulty level and time.