Sena Cases has debuted its new collection of high-end leather cases ( for the Apple iPad. There are four models in the line, including modern and progressive protection in Sena signature styles, and two new unique cases, the Folio and ZipBook cases.  

The Folio case offers a book style, side folding design with cutouts for play-through functionality that allows the device to be fully functional within the case.

The ZipBook case is a designed as a portable option for the busy, on-the-go individual that prefers a stylish look within a clamshell leather design with a zip closure, according to the folks at Sena Cases. Both cases feature an integrated recessed collapsible back stand which folds flush to act as a stand while holding the iPad at an ideal angle to watch videos, surf the web, view slideshows, photos, and presentations. Both offer the ability to use the iPad without removing it from the case.

The Sena Executive Sleeve Case sports a portfolio pouch design comprised of premium leather with a soft layer to gently protect your iPad. The secure flap with magnetic closure provides a snug fit to your iPad and it has a rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability.

These three cases have retail prices of US$99.99 each, but can be pre-ordered for $79.99 each for a limited time.

The Sena UltraSlim Case for the iPad is the thinnest pouch by Sena. It’s made of leather and has a micro velvet lining. The UltraSlim is offered in a wide variety of colors. It has a retail price of U$59.99, but can be pre-ordered for $50.99 for a limited time.