Rod Cambridge today announced that his iPhone app Top-Tens
( now tracks the top 10 rumors
surrounding the third generation iPhone. The imminent release of the
third generation iPhone has caused large amounts of speculation about
the new hardware and software features and capabilities in the new
handheld, making it difficult to get a clear picture of what to
expect, he says.

Top-Tens now keeps a constantly updated, consolidated list of the top
10 rumors — including their probability — and links to the various
sources providing the information.

“As with many people, I can’t wait to see the third generation
iPhone, and so I thought it would be cool to add a top 10 rumors
section to my iPhone app,” Cambridge, developer of Top-Tens says.
“This now enables anyone who’s interested in the upcoming iPhone to
be ‘on the pulse’ with regard to rumors at all times. Any Top-Tens
users who are excited about the next generation iPhone can now easily
keep tabs on the rumors as they emerge so they’ll have a much clearer
idea of what will be unveiled by Apple next month”.

Top-Tens was released to the Apple Apple Store three weeks ago
and gives the user the ability to easily keep tabs on the Top 10s of
their favorite hobbies, interests or past times — from the top 10
books and movies to the top 10 computer viruses, top 10 email spam
and phishing scams, to even the top 10 online deals and coupons,
product recalls, or websites. The Top-Tens Library contains all these
with more being added all the time.

In addition to the full version of Top-Tens, a free lite version is
also available at