Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com/) says QuickLicense 4
and Safe Activation Service 2 will be available June 1 and will
protect and manage any Mac or Windows software license. The company
says it protects any kind of software written in any programming
language including desktop applications, plugins, spreadsheets,
services or multi-media content.

It includes an application programming interface (API) and the
AddLicense tool to wrap a compiled application in a protective
license with no programming required. QuickLicense 4 and the Safe
Activation server enable a vendor to select from a range of license
types, reduce development cost and simplify the user experience,
according to the folks at Excel.

Configurable license types include trials, products, subscriptions,
dynamic or floating licenses. Protected applications can use
automatic activation, manual activation by phone or email, activation
through the default web browser or instant activation from an
application dialog using the Safe Activation server without a web

With the new automated release and restore process, users can move a
protected software license from one computer to another with a button
click. Vendors can securely block licenses before issuing refunds,
present notifications to users or manage software subscriptions with
minimal effort. Vendors can offer additional paid features that can
be enabled in an activated license with a couple of clicks. The Safe
Activation server can be securely linked to any shopping cart to
distribute serial numbers to customers at the time of purchase.

QuickLicense can manage customer information collected during the
activation process. Customer data can be imported, searched,
organized or exported to a spreadsheet or database for sales
automation and customer support. The batch email capability allows
messages for product announcements or periodic subscription codes to
be individually customized and precisely targeted.

QuickLicense 4.0 costs US$595 for a single user license on Mac OS X
and Windows (XP and Vista) or $995 for both platforms. The package
includes an integrated help system, API source code examples,
tutorial, step-by-step license configuration instructions and a PDF
or printed user manual. A QuickLicense purchase includes royalty-free
runtime distribution rights for any number of products or licenses on
that computer platform.

The Safe Activation service is scaleable and cost effective for any
company. There are no per product or per license charges, just a
monthly fee based on the selected plan size and features starting at
$40/month. The company web site includes demonstration videos,
product information and online ordering.