At this week’s at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, MySpace ( announced the MySpace Neon iPhone application, giving users access to their MySpace games on the iPhone.

MySpace also showcases new social games including Fish Isle (IGG), Hoop Fever Live (TheBroth), Kingdoms of Camelot (Watercooler), Paradise Paintball (CMUNE), SPP Ranch (Slide), Warlords (BitRhymes), Wild Ones (Playdom), and Zombie Revenge (DeezGames).

MySpace has also announced a new MySpace Games experience that creates a more social gaming environment with new tools and functionality for users and developers. 

The site, available at, launched today. These big steps are an evolution of the MySpace Platform to improve users’ gaming experience with a simple way to discover and share games, says Mike Jones, MySpace co-president. It also offers improved application engagement and analytics tools for developers on the MySpace Platform, he adds.