StoneTablet Publishing Releases StoneTable 4.2.0 Update

Portland, OR–January 7, 2002–StoneTablet Publishing today announces the
immediate availability of version 4.2.0 of StoneTable(tm), the feature rich
List Manager replacement.

This release provides the following changes.

– corrects problems in the support of older, non-AppearanceLib systems.

– with AppearanceLib systems, the header space between the last column and
the right edge (and last row and bottom edge) of the table is now drawn as
the Finder does by providing a dummy header.

– a shared version of StoneTable for Carbon is provided.

– a few additional utility functions are provided for accessing the current
values for grid line colors.

– all sample projects now build for CW4, 5, 6, and 7.

The update can be downloaded from

About StoneTable.

StoneTable provides library functions for integrating grid views within C,
C++, and Pascal applications. Support is provided for varying size rows and
columns, titles for row/columns, sorting, formulas, various cell contents,
editing in cells, PowerPlant support, and much more.

StoneTable has been available for 10 years and is THE library that the
others providing similar functionality to compare themselves with. For more
information and purchase, check out