iFlyz (http://www.iflyz.com/) has announced iFlyz, an US$29.95
in-flight, hands-free solution designed specifically for air
travelers. The iFlyz’s suction cup grasps any device and is designed
to relieve the strain of holding it for long periods of time while
watching a movie, surfing through music or reading online.

The iFlyz uses an adjustable clamp to attach to either an upright and
locked seat tray or one that’s open during drink or dinner service
and has a flexible gooseneck that allows the attached mobile device
to be turned any angle or direction. The device has a three step
process: attach your phone or media player to the iFlyz suction cup;
clamp it to a meal tray in either the stowed and locked position or
unlocked and down position; and simply adjust the flexible gooseneck
to the ideal angle.

It’s compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, iPods, Blackberrys,
SmartPhones, and PMPs of various brands. The iFlyz is 5.5 inches long
2.5 inches wide, and weighs two ounces.