iWave (http://www.iwaveaudio.com) will introduce its Grass Roots
Collection at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The
collection will include a selection of accessory options, including
headphones, earbuds and cases for the iPhone/iPod, all made from
reusable, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials
like plastic, wood and bamboo, according to Steven Scaba of iWave.

The main design characteristic of the Grass Roots Collection is the
subtle contrast between the rustic wood grain finish and the smooth
earthy tones, bringing technology products into a whole new dimension
for nature-enthusiasts, he adds. The rich wood accents of the earbuds
and headphones add that little element of worldly appeal for any
music listener, according to Scaba.

The Grass Roots Collection will be available at nationwide retailers
in the second quarter of the year. It will include iPhone/iPod cases
and earbuds (US$9.99 to $29.99) and headphones ($14.99 to $39.99).