Sanus Systems ( — a provider of audio/video
mounts, furnishings and consumer electronics accessories — has added
pivoting HDMI cables to its Sanus Elements product offering. The
cables are y available in 2.5, 5 and 10-foot lengths.

Sanus Elements ELM402-G1, ELM405-G1 and ELM410-G1 Pivoting HDMI
Cables offer a feature not found on standard HDMI cables — a
connector that pivots 180 degrees. This is designed to make it easy
to connect to hard-to-reach ports in tight places and behind TVs
mounted on low-profile wall mounts.

The connector is less than one inch deep. It’s gold plated to
optimize signal transfer for the highest quality audio and video. The
cables are made from a flexible material that bends during
installation. The cables are available for a list price of $29.99
(ELM402-G1), $39.99 (ELM405-G1) and $49.99 (ELM410-G1).

Sanus will be showing the HDMI Cables at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.