Version 4.0 of aTV Flash ( — an US$49.95 USB
flash drive that inserts into the Apple TV and will upgrade it to do
various kinds of new things — has been released. This version adds
compatibility for the latest 3.x. AppleTV software

Also, in aTV Flash 4.0, Couch Surfer Pro has been updated, and now
features full iPhone Remote app integration. Users can browse the web
on AppleTV using their iPhone or iPod touch as a touch-pad and

Also included is an improved USB storage option. Users now have the
option of using an external USB hard drive for storing their synced
iTunes media.

As always, aTV Flash includes support for additional media formats
that are not typically supported by the AppleTV. These formats
included DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, VIDEO TS (DVD files) and many more.
Additionally it adds a fully integrated WebKit based web browser, and
the ability to expand the storage capacity through the use of an
external USB hard drive.