If you use iMessage on your Mac a lot, you’ll find LostVertex’s Media Explorer for iMessage a useful tool.

The iMessage file explorer application for Mac OS X finds pictures, videos, audio and documents that have been previously sent to an iMessage account on a Mac. Media Explorer for iMessage is designed to make it simple to find forgotten pictures, videos or lost documents such as PDFs, spreadsheets and more.

After all, with the sheer number of images and videos being sent through iMessage everyday, it can be hard to locate that one funny video or silly picture that you sent a few days ago, let alone a few months ago. Now you can find that video and picture in a few clicks.

Unlike the Messages application – where you only get a tiny window to scroll through countless images and videos – Media Explorer for iMessage presents you with a gallery containing all of your media. Media Explorer for iMessage also finds documents such as word processor documents, presentations and PDFs.

With Media Explorer for iMessage you can use the search bar to locate specific files that you remember the name of. You can also filter by media type (images, videos, documents), sort by size, date or name. Media Explorer for iMessage also provides you with the ability to save and backup the media it finds.
Media Explorer for iMessage requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. It’s available for US$3.99 exclusively through the LostVertex store (http://lostvertex.co.uk/).