nPulse Network Systems ( has released
the nPulse HammerHead 10 Gbps Capture and Replay system based on the
Napatech NT20E 2 x 10 Gbps In-line adapter. HammerHead is the a
traffic testing product that provides full line-rate 10 Gbps packet
capture, record-to-disk and replay capabilities.

“Capturing, recording and generating 10 Gigabits per second of
traffic on a sustained basis are difficult technical challenges, and
existing approaches have relied on proprietary hardware and software
solutions. However, proprietary 10 Gbps solutions are very expensive,
and out of reach for most enterprises,” says Peter Shaw, vice
president of marketing for nPulse. “With HammerHead, we have solved
this problem using off-the-shelf hardware components combined with
Napatech’s adapter, dramatically reducing cost without sacrificing
performance.” nPulse employed Napatech’s PCI-Express based NT20E
network adapter to ensure accurate packet capture and replay
performance in HammerHead.

The Napatech NT20E 2 x 10 Gbps In-line adapter is designed for
accelerating network monitoring system performance through a
combination of line-rate 20 Gbps packet capture in real-time and a
series of intelligent features designed to off-load the server CPU.
These include nanosecond precision time-stamping, port merging,
packet decoding, on-the-fly filtering, deduplication and flow
identification with intelligent distribution of flows to up to 32 CPU
cores. Contact nPulse for pricing options.