Keeping children secure through the use of a computerized children’s check in system is a prerequisite for nearly all children’s ministries. By the Book has taken children’s check-in a step further with Roll Call Mobile CheckIn for OS X and iOS devices.

Roll Call Mobile CheckIn allows the church to deploy volunteers throughout their facility to check families into classes or even worship services, says Kim Conley, co-owner of By the Book. The Roll Call dashboard will give ministry workers real-time headcounts so the children’s ministry leader will know right away if any classes are getting too full or if they need to enlist more volunteers.

The child check in system in Roll Call allows users to check students into their classes, record attendance, and print name tags and security labels. With Mobile CheckIn, volunteers can check students by looking up last name or last four digits of their phone number, then print labels at a centralized print station. To check students out, simply compare the security code on the child’s name tag with the security code on the parent tag.

In order to run Roll Call Mobile CheckIn, churches will need to have Roll Call church management software installed on at least one computer. This computer must be running Mac OS X 5.8 or higher or Windows Pentium 4 (minimum).

Churches will also need a mobile device such as an iPad, tablet, or smartphone that can connect wirelessly to their local network. If using the mobile device outside of local network, that device must be able to access the Internet through a 3G or 4G network. If churches will be checking students in from outside the church’s local area network, they will need a fixed IP address for the Roll Call Server machine.

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