Prosoft Engineering ( has released
Data Rescue 3, a new version of the data rescue utility for Mac OS X.
Improvements have been made to speed and overall performance as well
as an all-new user interface with new features like FileIQ, says Greg
Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering,

Data Rescue is a hard drive and file recovery software for the Mac.
It works even when your hard drive fails to mount or boot. The
software doesn’t attempt any repairs to the drive it’s scanning; it
focuses on data recovery, not hard drive repair. You will need to
save your recovered files to either an internal or external hard
drive (USB or FireWire), removable media device (such as a Zip or MO)
or a networked drive.

There are two ways to run Data Rescue 3. You may run it from the Boot
DVD or you may run it as an application, depending on your
circumstances. Data Rescue 3 costs US$99 for a personal use license
and $249 for a professional use license.