Stick Software ( has announced version
1.5 of Fracture, their screensaver for Mac OS X, and version 3.1 of
Constrictor, their screen shotshot utility. Both are now compatible
with Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

Fracture generates a variety of fractal images based upon
mathematical formulas such as the Mandelbrot Set. If you have
multiple processors, it will use all of them to calculate its images
as quickly as possible. If you have multiple monitors, it will
display fractals on all of them, in any of several different
multimonitor modes. It’s also user controllable.

Constrictor helps you take screenshots, using a positionable frame to
grab the right area every time. Snapshots can be scaled, framed and
feathered by Constrictor, to save you from having to post-process
your shots manually. They can be saved in five different file
formats, copied to the clipboard, or even, using Constrictor’s
AppleScript support, e-mailed.

The apps cost US$10 each. Demos are available for download.