Atlona Technologies (, a solutions based
manufacturer of audio video products, has released their new line of
Matrix switchers for component, composite, and S-Video applications.
Because this new series of units are matrix switchers, any number of
the inputs can be routed to any number of the outputs independently;
or the same input can be routed to all outputs simultaneously, or any
other combination.

For AV component switching needs, there are the AT-COMP-42M (US$399)
and AT-COMP-88M ($1,999). The COMP-42M offers four component inputs
and two component outputs, while the COMP-88M offers eight inputs and
eight outputs. Atlona’s new Component Matrix Switchers feature
lossless component with stereo audio and digital optical/coaxial.
These componentswitchers feature manual, infrared remote, or RS232

For composite/S-Video, Atlona has released the AT-SAV-42M ($189) and
the AT-SAV-84M ($699). The SAV-42M has four composite and four
S-video inputs going out to two composite and two S-video, while the
SAV-84M boasts eight composite and eight S-video inputs going out to
four composite and four S-Video inputs. Both units feature stereo
audio as well as manual and Infrared Remote control.