Stand By Soft has released RationalPlan 3.15.4
(, an update of the project management
software application developed to assist project managers in creating
plans, tracking progress, allocating resources, managing budgets and
analyzing workload, now going international and planning translation
in several languages. Version 3.15.4 sports an increase in its
execution speed, more task types, and interface improvements.

Until now users could handle tasks that have only fixed units for the
assigned resources. This means that once resources were assigned to
tasks with a certain amount of units these units were fixed that is
do not change on other task changes like duration or work. The
functionality was like this: changing task duration resulted in
keeping units fixed and adjusting task work; and the reverse changing
task work resulted in keeping units fixed and adjusting task duration.

With this new feature, project managers have the possibility to
automatically adjust the units when changing task duration and to
keep the task work and the reverse keep the task duration when
changing the task work.

The execution speed of RationalPlan has been increased in version
3.15.4. The application has a shorter start time and most of the
actions take less time. The most notable increase can be seen on
actions that could trigger a reschedule on the current project:
delete and paste tasks, duration or constraints changes, dependencies

RationalPlan is designed as an alternative to Microsoft Project with
some extra-features like multiproject management. It’s compatible
with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and all other Java enabled platforms.
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