REAL Software (, creator of REALbasic, a
cross-platform development tool for creating software for Mac,
Windows and Linux, is now shipping REALbasic 2009 Release 4. This
release offers 97 improvements and 39 new features, including a new
report editor, which will be included in all versions of REALbasic,
and build automation, a feature exclusive to REAL Studio.

The new report editor allows developers to visually create a layout
for printing by dragging and dropping labels, fields, images and
more. Reports can be created to print a single page or multiple
pages. The layout is divided into sections (header, body, footer as
well as grouping sections for reports that have sorted data).

The new build automation feature of the Project Editor is only
available in the REAL Studio Edition. With Build Automation
developers can now automate the most common functions of building
their applications without having to write IDE scripts.

REALbasic Personal Edition for Mac, Windows and Linux is priced at
US$99. REALbasic Professional Edition, required for cross-platform
compilation, is $299. REAL Studio, geared for full-time developers,
is $995.