SuperTooth ( is launching the US$129 SuperTooth HD in April, calling it the “most advanced Bluetooth speakerphone on the market.” It’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, including iPhones.

Boasting twin speaker V array technology, the SuperTooth HD features two speakers with a 5-watt audio output and a 5.4-watt amplifier. Voice commands are designed to provide a hands-free solution for phone use. Using just voice commands, drivers can answer incoming calls, select pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level or retrieve voicemail.

The SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant feature allows drivers to compose and send Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS messages all via voice. The SuperTooth HD can also read incoming SMS and e-mail messages on Android and Blackberry phones via the specific application. The SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant is powered by Dial2D.