SkyZone Entertainment ( has announced
three mobile titles now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch:
Extreme Hangman, Jewel City, and The Rise of Atlantis. They’re
available at the Apple App Store for US$0.99 each. Here’s how the
games are describe:

“Extreme Hangman: There’s never been a Hangman game like this before!
The world’s favorite time-killer game takes an absurdist twist of
comical proportions. Taking place in various settings, the gamer’s
mission is to save the Hangman from his enemies by guessing the
hidden word correctly. By guessing incorrectly, he is put one step
closer to being shot, strangled, erased, or hanged by his enemies.
Extreme Hangman features seven different settings with fun
animations, over 2,000 words in various categories, and three
difficulty levels.

“Jewel City: Meet Jasmin, the ace jewel thief with a heart of gold!
With the help of her trusty partner, ace helicopter pilot Brad,
Jasmin is on a mission to steal some of the most valuable jewels in
the world right out from under the noses of the dastardly criminals
who stole them first! From the towering skyscrapers of New York City
to the romantic beauty of Paris, she’ll stop at nothing to steal back
the jewels from the greedy scum hoarding them and prove herself the
best thief in the world! The game features 24 levels of gameplay in
five different settings and backgrounds.

“The Rise Of Atlantis: Raise the mysterious land of Atlantis and
restore it to its illustrious glory. In this compulsive puzzle game,
players return to the age of legend in order to assemble the missing
powers of Poseidon. As they journey through ancient Mediterranean,
they must collect all seven powers of Poseidon and rise Atlantis from
it’s watery grave. The game is full of beautiful and detailed
animated maps along with unique twists and near limitless replay