( has released
updates for the freeware find-find utility
EasyFind and the menu bar application and file
launcher XMenu.

The updates add a number of features to the
freeware utilities and fix some bugs. EasyFind
4.5 now supports Quick Look, highlights
occurrences in file and folder names, and offers
the same extended Boolean operators that are used
by DEVONthink and DEVONagent. EasyFind 4.5 can
conduct searches using fuzzy logic, ignores
umlauted characters if desired, and comes with a
standard toolbar now.

XMenu 1.9 adds a new “snippets” menu that lets
the user insert the contents of plain and rich
text snippets, clippings, and Internet location
files with a single menu choice. By using folders
(creating sub-menus) users can store virtually
unlimited numbers of text modules and still
access them quickly and conveniently. New menu
icons make the XMenu menus easier to distinguish,
says Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, president of