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Trinfinity Software releases Time Track version 1.0.1.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – – September 17, 2001 – – Trinfinity Software has released
an update to Time Track, the popular time tracking application designed for
consultants and freelancers. Time Track minimizes the time spent logging
hours and enhances billing accuracy. It can be utilized by any profession
and allows the user to quickly and easily log the durations of events. Time
Track 1.0.1 is a maintenance update that includes minor bug fixes. Time
Track 1.0.1 is a free update to all registered Time Track users. New users
can download and demo Time Track 1.0.1 for 30 days.

Time Track 1.0.1 also includes a preview of Time Track Strip, a Control
Strip module currently in development, which will give Time Track users
access to the most used features of Time Track from the Control Strip.
Since the Control Strip is not present in MacOS X, a dockling is being
developed to give Mac OS X users similar functionality via The Dock.


* Simple, easy to use interface.
* Complete date and time logging includes starting month, day, year, hours,
minutes, seconds to ending month, day, year, hours, minutes and seconds.
* User can add a description to each log entry.
* Logs are stored in standard text files for easy integration with other
applications and AppleScript.
* Supports multiple log files for categorizing logs.
* Open, edit, save, and print logs from within the application.
* Elapsed Time Calculator – Calculate the hours, minutes and seconds that
have elapsed from one date and time to another.
* Rate Calculator – Instantly calculate the total to be charged based on
hourly rate and total time in time log.
* Total Time Calculator – Automatically determines the total amount of time
logged to date and displays it in an itemized list that can be easily
* When used in conjunction with the Macintosh Date & Time control panel
Network Time Server feature, Time Track date and time logging is exact to
the second automatically. This means that users never have to worry about
Daylight Savings Time or resetting their computers clock.
* Automatically convert log files to web pages.
* Supports Drag-N-Drop of log files.
* Online help available via Balloon Help.

Time Track is available for the following platforms:

* Macintosh 68k
* Macintosh FAT
* Macintosh PowerPC
* Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X
* Coming soon to Windows
* Coming soon to PalmOS

Made with REALbasic
Time Track is made with REALbasic, a state of the art Macintosh IDE
(Integrated Development Environment) and RAD (Rapid Application
Development) tool. This dramatically reduces the time needed to create and
update Time Track, which allows us to provide updates to customers much

Time Track v1.0.1 is available for download at:

For further information, please contact:

Contact: Eileen Newsom