Fort Worth, TX, July 6, 2005 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the
release of SMTPit Pro 4.0, for FileMaker 7 and above for Macintosh and
Windows. This is the initial release of SMTPit Pro.

SMTPit Pro is a next generation email plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7 and
greater. SMTPit Pro is built from the ground up taking advantage of years
of plug-in development knowledge and the latest FileMaker plug-in API.

SMTPit Pro provides a vast array of email options. You can send simple text
based messages or you can send complex HTML messages. You can send a single
message or an entire mail out. Its functionality is flexible enough to
cover many email tasks.

SMTPit Pro makes customizing your email messages a snap. It has special
header and footer functionality to aid with email greetings and signatures.
You can also use merge fields to grab information from your current record.
Merge field data can be used in the subject, header, body, and footer.

You can create email messages in a variety of ways. You can simply refer to
a field in a table, or you can build a message from several sources
including fields, portals, and even container fields. You can convert
styled text in a field to html. You can even send a graphic copy of your
layout by using Preview mode and sending it as an inline HTML image.

SMTPit Pro also includes two email dialog windows allowing you to create an
emailing solution with very little overhead. The email windows look and act
similar to a normal email client, however, they are enriched with features
relating to FileMaker. For example, you can use a value list or paragraph
delimited text to create an address book for the To, CC, and BCC fields.
You can use merge fields in the subject and body of the message. You can
also use container fields to hold attachment files, or you can use a file
dialog to select them.

With the advent of FileMaker 7 and greater, it is now possible to use
container fields to store attachments. This makes for a more natural
integration between email and FileMaker. It also lets you use files that
may already be in your existing database.

As with all of our email plug-ins, you do not need an additional email
client in order to send email with SMTPit Pro. Once the plug-in is
installed and optionally configured, you are ready to start sending

“I am very excited about this release of SMTPit Pro. We have been able to
add features to SMTPit Pro that we have been wanting to for quite some
time. I had a wonderful time creating the example database for this project
because I could literally think of an idea and then just create it. SMTPit
Pro truly seems limitless at this point.”
– Jesse Traynham, Director of Production


Email Window Dialog
– Email Window
– Advanced Email Window
– Get Email Window Values

– Dynamic Attachments
– Send Containers (Stored and Referenced)
– Set Attachment with Dialog

File Functions
– Copy, Delete, Exists, Export, Move, Rename, and Size functions
– Get Path to Database, FileMaker, Root, System, Desktop, Trash,
Preferences, Temporary, Applications, and Documents.
– Select File/Folder With Dialog
– Set Text and HTML body with file.

Status Dialog
– Show/Hide/Move Status

HTML Features
– HTML Header, Body, Footer
– Styled Text to HTML
– Set HTML body with file

Email Headers
– Set Priority Function
– Set Reply-to Function
– Add email header

– Register via function
– Check registration
– Set character set
– Set character set via function
– Auto-Update Compatible
– Auto-Update friendly version number
– Set Authentication type
– Check Email Syntax Function

General Features
– Merge Fields
– FileMaker 7 Native
– View preferences via function
– SMTP Connect/Disconnect
– SSL Support
– Subject
– Header/Footer
– And more…

Demonstration version available

You can evaluate SMTPit Pro for 30 days for free, however, after 30 days,
SMTPit Pro should be removed from your hard drive if you do not plan to
purchase it. The demo version of SMTPit Pro will display a splash screen
every fifteen minutes that you use it, and attach a demo footer to each
message sent. Once you purchase and register your copy of SMTPit Pro, the
splash screen will no longer show and the demo footer will be removed.

Purchasing SMTPit Pro

To purchase SMTPit Pro from our secure website, go to and choose the “Purchase (Prices)” link at the
top of every page (in the gray area). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American
Express, and Discover. We will also accept Purchase Orders and checks under
special circumstances. Please email or call us if you would like to
purchase with a Purchase order or a check.

A single user license for SMTPit Pro is $65. We have several multi-user
price points available on our secure site. Educational Discounts are
available for roughly 20% off the listed price. Prices are subject to
change without notice.

Free Upgrades

For a limited time, anyone who has purchased SMTPit 3.x since January 2005
can upgrade for free to SMTPit Pro. To upgrade, simply email with your current registration information and we
will send you new registration information for SMTPit Pro.