MGE UPS SYSTEMS Provides Mac OS X Power Management

First to Offer Jaguar UPS Control with Free Downloads for Desktop, Server,=

Multiple Server Configurations

COSTA MESA, Calif. – December 9, 2002 – MGE UPS SYSTEMS, a global leader in
high-availability power solutions, has released the industry’s first
uninterruptible power supply (UPS) management software for Apple’s popular
Macintosh version 10.2 “Jaguar” operating system. The new software protects
connected systems by verifying the UPS connections and, in the event of a
prolonged power outage, initiating a graceful shutdown when the UPS battery
level is low. Power protection with the ability to perform a proper
shutdown sequence has become especially important now that the Mac OS is
based on a Unix platform. Although Unix is very stable in many ways, it has
always been particularly susceptible to system corruption resulting from
any hard shutdown such as those that occur when power fails. Recognizing
this, Mac OS X ships with a built-in power management driver that provides
limited functionality, while MGE’s new solution provides additional
capabilities and user control.

According to Darrin Duhamel, MGE’s network/PC market segment manager, “At
MGE, we share Apple’s ‘Think Different’ philosophy. As a result, we provide
the widest range of power protection solutions for the Mac platform. This
software allows MGE’s UPSs to communicate via the USB interface on
virtually any recent Macintosh computer from the Xserve to the iMac.” More
than 20 different MGE UPSs are now listed in the “Made4Mac” section of the
official Apple website for Macintosh-compatible products. “MGE is proud to
offer by far the widest choice of Mac-friendly UPSs in all form factors
(tower, rack or versatile), all price ranges (starting as low as $125) and
available worldwide,” Duhamel added.

Free downloads are available in three versions: Personal Solution Pac for
single users on Mac OS 10.2 or single users on 10.1 and as a secure shell
script for servers or multiple computers on 10.1 and higher. The Personal
Solution Pac application consists of one power control module and a simple
system preference panel. The control module enables communication with the
UPS through the Mac’s USB port, displays user alerts, and triggers an
orderly shutdown sequence when the battery capacity reaches a user
specified level during a power outage. The preference panel is installed
under OS X’s system preferences, allowing users to verify the UPS
connection, view a power event log, and set the battery level threshold
that will trigger a shutdown.

For configurations with multiple servers or computers, MGE=D5s SSH Utility
enables the execution of remote shutdown (or other action) on several
computers from the MGE Personal Solution-Pac software. This solution is
based on a secure shell session opened through SSH protocol provided on
most Unix systems. SSH (secure shell) is an internet protocol that allows a
user to connect to a remote host via an encrypted link.

Designed to work with MGE’s desktop and network UPS products including
Comet Extreme, Pulsar Ellipse Premium USB, Pulsar Ellipse USB, Pulsar
Evolution 1500/2200/3000, Pulsar Evolution 500/800/1100, Pulsar Extreme,
and Pulsar Extreme C; Personal Solution Pac for Mac OS X compliments MGE’s
robust power management software offerings for PCs, LANs/WANs and
enterprise-wide networks and is available now as a free download at

About MGE:

MGE UPS SYSTEMS is a global provider of power quality solutions designed to
increase the availability and uptime of any mission-critical application or
process. From desktop PCs to large Data Centers and telecommunication
facilities to semiconductor manufacturing plants, MGE’s UPS product and
service solutions are deployed around the globe.

For over 35 years, MGE UPS SYSTEMS products have been the choice of the
world’s largest and most demanding companies and organizations. Always
ready to satisfy new needs, MGE UPS SYSTEMS together with its 37
subsidiaries, 150 sales and customer service offices and production
facilities in Europe, the USA and Asia as well as two R&D centers – in
Grenoble, France and Costa Mesa, California, MGE can easily meet customer
expectations throughout the world.

To learn more about MGE’s innovative power protection solutions, visit
MGE’s Web site at: or call MGE at 800-523-0142.