the MBS REALbasic plugin in Version 2.8a14 features a new class for using
Apple’s Rendezvous network service for registering, browsing and resolving
local network services.

Just download the plugin collection and try the example called “Rendevouz”.
Steps in the example:

1. Compile the example
2. copy the application to more than one Mac
3. launch it everywhere you want
4. Start the browser to watch for services.
5. Register new services, but give them different names
(e.g. MyService1, MyService2, etc.)
6. The other Macs will recognice the services and display some
7. You can use the lookup panel to resolve the IP behind a service.

See the download section on the plugin’s website:

PS: The Rendezvous plugin is sold as part of the big MBS Plugin
Collection which extends REALbasic with more than 3000 functions.

Christian Schmitz

Three thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. The MBS Plugin.