Pariahware has updated Elastic Window
(”), a set of classes for
REALbasic developers that allows controls on a window to be resized
proportionally with the window, to version 1.5. The upgrade adds
support for TextField and TextArea controls.

Using Elastic Window, developers can design windows with a particular
look in mind and ensure it will maintain a uniform look no matter
what size the user makes the window, says Christian Miller, president
of Pariahware. The software uses a royalty-free, per-seat, licensing
mechanism. This means that each developer using the Elastic Window in
the REALbasic IDE needs to have a license. There’s no fee for
applications developed with Elastic Window.

The list price for Elastic Window is US$195. Site licenses are also
available. A free demo version of Elastic Window 1.5 is available at
the Pariahware web site