equinux presents TubeStick Map: the brand new digital television
availability tool. This interactive map lists which free-to-air TV
channels existing users of equinux’s Mac USB TV Tuners are able to
receive in their area.

“With TubeStick Map there is a new home on the Internet for checking
the digital channels you can receive,” says equinux CEO Till Schadde.
“Utilizing the huge user base of the TubeStick, we have succeeded in
answering one of the most fundamental questions of over the air TV
users: Which digital TV channels can I receive?”

The TubeStick Map is based on the channel lists and ZIP codes of
TubeStick users from around the world. To view the channel listing
for a certain area with the TubeStick Map all you need to do is to
select a country, enter a ZIP code and the TubeStick map will list
the channels avalible in that area. TubeStick Map utilises Google
Maps and includes DVB-T regions such as Europe and Australia along
with ATSC regions including the U.S. TubeStick Map is available via

TubeStick lets you watch shows on your Mac, iPhone or iPod touch. It
costs US$129.