Addonics Technologies has announced a family of hard drive
duplicators. The family of duplicators includes the HDD Duplicator,
HDD Duplicator PRO, the HDD Duplicator PRO S, and the Zebra HDD

As an example of their copying abilities, the HDD Duplicator PRO can
copy from a source drive of any type, from 2.5″ to 3.5″ hard drive or
SSD with either SATA or IDE interface, to a target drive of any kind.
With this flexibility, the Duplicator PRO is an ideal tool for
cloning another hard drive, for making a back-up hard drive, or for
quick data migration from a hard drive or SSD to another any type of
hard drive — no matter its interface or technology difference.

To protect sensitive data, The HDD Duplicator PRO S can be used to
make copies from ordinary hard drives to target drives with AES
256-bit data encryption or vice versa.

Simple to operate, the duplicators are stand-alone appliances and
don’t require connection to a PC. To start copying data, users
simply load the original hard drive into the top bay and another hard
drive of equal size or larger into the bottom bay, then push the
start button. There is no special software required or any
complicated set-up procedures. Copy speed can be up to 150 MB/sec
depending on the speed of the hard drive.

List price for the basic HDD Duplicator starts at $249. Features of
the basic HDD Duplicator include operation as a stand alone appliance
without the need for software or another PC; the ability to copy 3.5″
SATA hard drives to any 3.5″ SATA hard drive; OS independency; the
ability to add or remover source and destination drives without
special tools (like removing tape cartridges), and a LCM control
module that provides a rich set of robust advanced configuration

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