Outspring Inc. Announces Outspring Mail
New email client employs intelligent tools to make processing email easier.

Santa Rosa, CA. – March 31, 2008 – Outspring Incorporated, makers of the
QuickMail line of email products, today announced Outspring Mail. The
product is an email client for Macintosh that employs unique tools and
algorithms that the company claims will make processing email far easier
than existing products.

Utilizing an interface design similar to Apple Mail, Outspring Mail
includes most of the tools and protocol support a user would expect in a
modern email program: POP, IMAP, SMTP and SSL. But according to Outspring,
the truly unique aspects of the program lie in the patent-pending features
that help automate email processing.

“I receive dozens of of emails every day.”, says Outspring CEO, Jeff
Baudin. “This is beyond all the spam…these are real messages that I have
to read and which require a response or should be properly filed. I’ve
always wanted a way to make this chore far easier.” Baudin claims it took
his company three years to create his “dream email program.” He added, “We
see Outspring Mail as the trailblazer for a new category of software.
Software that observes and notes the user’s habits and preferences and
takes action based on those observations. If I frequently reply to an email
message that says, “How do I get to your office?” or words to that effect;
shouldn’t my email program be smart enough to know I’ve replied to this
same type of message before? And shouldn’t it then offer to use one of
these replies for the current message?”

The program also offers a similar technique for filing messages. Once the
program has gone through a short learning process of observing the user’s
filing habits and cross-referencing message content, it will begin to
suggest appropriate folders or mailboxes to file messages. Instead of
dragging messages to folder icons, the user is presented with one or more
likely destination buttons.

Another unique feature of Outspring Mail is a function called Message
Deferment. Baudin compares this feature to the “snooze” button on an alarm
clock. “Most people will receive a message, read it, make a mental note to
handle it later and then leave it in their Inbox. After a few weeks or
months, their Inbox becomes an unmanageable mess. But what if you could
instead read the message, decide you don’t want to deal with it this week
and send it “away” for a week?” The deferment feature then moves the
message to a special folder and the program waits for the selected amount
of time. When that time period has elapsed, Outspring Mail then moves the
message back into the Inbox with an indicator reminding the user that the
message is a deferred message that has been returned.

Outspring Mail also contains an advanced spam filter that can eliminate 98%
of a user’s incoming junk mail, according to the company. Having developed
a server-side spam blocker for a number of years, Outspring has leveraged
this experience into the spam filter which is included with the product.

The product also contains a unique “Intelligent Summary” view. By using
advanced summarizing algorithms, this feature allows the user to quickly
review email by a list of the summarized content, negating the need to open
each message to see the heart of the content.

Another useful feature of the product is data detection on incoming
messages that links to Macintosh built in calendar, iCal. If the user
receives a message that contains a phrase like, “Let’s meet for lunch next
Friday…”, Outspring Mail will convert the phrase “next Friday” into a hot
link. Clicking that link will take the user to the iCal entry for the
following Friday (based on the send date of the message). This feature
works with literal dates like 1/15/09, May 15, 2008 and also with relative
dates like “next Friday”, “last Tuesday”, etc.

If the user has an existing Apple Mail or QuickMail installation, they can
import all of their existing email data into Outspring Mail. The import
assistant allows them to select which accounts they wish to import into
Outspring Mail while leaving the database of the prior program intact.
Import works with both POP and IMAP accounts.

Basic Mail Functions
Get Mail
Send Mail
Reply / Reply All
Move / Copy
View Source
Import Mail (from Apple Mail and QuickMail)

Advanced Mail Functions
Spam Filtering
Auto-completion of Email Addresses
3-Column Vertical Layout for Widescreen Monitors
Imports Apple Mail & QuickMail Accounts, Email and Addresses
Unified Mailboxes
Smart Mailboxes

Unique Features
Find Similar Messages
Reply with Template
Message Deferment
Message Preview with Intelligent Summary
Tabbed Display
Resize / Rotate Images
Mail Account Icons


Mac OS-X Integration
Address Book
iCal Calendar Links
Growl Notifications
Spotlight support
Intel Native
Leopard Compatible

For more details, see http://www.outspring.com

Pricing and Availability:
The retail price of the product is $95. Registered owners of the QuickMail
line of products may upgrade to Outspring Mail for $59. The product is
available immediately for download at (http://www.outspring.com). A 10-day
demo version of the program is available as well. Outspring Mail is
available directly from Outspring at their website, and will soon be
available from international distributors worldwide.

About Outspring Incorporated
Established in January 2004, Outspring Incorporated began life with the
acquisition from CE Software of the QuickMail line of email client and
server products. One of the very first and most popular email products for
Macintosh. Since that time, Outspring has modernized QuickMail and also
introduced a line of server-side spam stopping solutions like Spamcaster
and Spamphibian. Outspring is committed to bringing the best email products
available to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers
around the world through its innovative software offerings.