XB Software has released MaxTreeGrid (http://www.maxtreegrid.com/),
AJAX-backed JavaScript control which allows you to represent data as
tree hierarchy, plain grid or combine both views as treegrid. It
allows data loading from numerous data sources — from server side
script such as PHP, JSP, ASP, and others, or JS, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML.

Fltering and sorting capabilities are built in in MaxTreeGrid and can
be extended according to customs preferences. According to the folks
at XB Software, the entire grid functionality occupies barely 23
kilobytes (gzip compression).

The component is written in pure JavaScript and doesn’t need to
invoke any additional items from a server, which means MaxTreeGrid is
compatible with any server technology. Included in the component are
additional libraries that allow you to link a grid with any
server-side script through any REST-like server side API (application
programming interface).

A demo version of MaxTreeGrid is available for download.