Real-time collaboration tool Yuuguu ( has
launched Linux support for its screen-sharing conference technology
for businesses and consumers. The launch widens the real-time
collaborative technology’s support to the Linux platform as well as
Mac and Windows.

Free to download, Yuuguu is a new real-time collaborative technology
that enables secure screen sharing, instant messaging and the ability
to work on the same document together in real time. It enables users
to securely share their screen with anyone at any time on Mac, PC and
Linux systems. The company’s personal networking tool also allows
users to see when colleagues or friends are online.

For consumers, Yuuguu has proved a tool for IT support among friends
and family and sharing documents without having to upload them to a
web site or send in an email attachment. The free software is simple
and quick to set up and allows up to 30 people to collaborate on the
same project, says Anish Kapoor, founder and CEO of Yuuguu. Revenues
to support the free service are from a conference call facility, and
enterprise versions of the product will be available soon with
enhanced features.