DeviceAnywhere, a provider of end-to-end solutions for the mobile
development lifecycle, has added the iPhone 3G to its expanding
roster of mobile devices available to developers worldwide over an
Internet-based service.

DeviceAnywhere brings the a solution to the mobile marketplace that
offers developers a direct connection to more than 1,500 mobile
devices — now including first and second generation iPhone handsets,
to optimize their development efforts without having to physically
acquire the devices.

With the addition of the new iPhone 3G, DeviceAnywhere users will
also be able to capitalize on the latest new features available on
the device. For example, users can test downloading their application
through the Apple App Store(. Also, users can test how fast their Web
sites loads on the 3G network

DeviceAnywhere is an online service used by mobile organizations and
their developers. It provides access to real mobile handsets that are
each connected to live networks. These devices are accessible
remotely over the Internet, allowing users to interact in real time
to ensure all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs are
met, sys DeviceAnywhere CEO Faraz Syed. The DeviceAnywhere service
uses actual, physical handsets to provide developers with the same
experiences as having the devices in hand, he adds.

To access the iPhone 3G and register to trial DeviceAnywhere, visit Once registered, users have access to
three free hours on the system. Existing users are able to access the
iPhone 3G through their standard DeviceAnywhere subscriptions.
Additional DeviceAnywhere features — such as monitoring and test
automation — are also available on the iPhone 3G, empowering users
to more efficiently create better applications and content for the
marketplace, Syed says.