Enhance Technology (http://www.enhance-tech.com) has introduced the
new StorPack S23T/S34T/S35T Series, which sports a new black and
silver TeraStor Series T-shaped tray design that takes advantage of
the embedded light pipes to the backplane for LED signals and added
rear cooling fan for better performance.

The new Enhance Technology’s StorPack T Series comes with multiple
removable drives trays, allowing users to add drives or increasing
capacity as needed. The Series is constructed in black aluminum
material with a cooling fan module and front to back vent airflow.

The new StorPack T Series is a high density multi-disk storage
backplane that allows multiple low-profile SAS or SATA hard disk
drives to be mounted on the server or external disk array enclosures.
It has an individual keylock for each hard disk for added security
for mission critical applications and is designed to be removed or
hot-swapped as required by user applications, allowing users to add
drives or increasing capacity as needed.

The new StorPack T Series is OS transparent; consequently, it can be
employed in numerous applications in a wide range of fields. The new
StorPack S23T/S34T/S35T Series is designed for JBOD or RAID
applications, Data Protection or Disk-to-Disk Backup, SOHO or SMEs
with limit HDD trays, Digital Audio Recording, Digital Video Editing
(DV, SD or HD), Security Surveillance, and Industrial Embedded