Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

NSC Partners has announced Clean Energy Hawaii STEM for the iPad (US$4.99). Developed in partnership with the MEDB Women in Technology Project, Clean Energy it was designed specifically to support ienergy science education worldwide — to be used by teachers, parents and students in class or at home to augment a science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum. Hawaii is used as a portal because of its ambitious goal of 70% Clean Energy by 2030.

U.S. Army Accessions Command has launched a free iPhone application and a mobile website ( as part of its Army Strong Stories blogging and storytelling platform. Both offer portable access to site content, while also enabling users to share their own Army Strong story, post comments, and learn more about Army service and careers available.

RingCentral, which specializes in cloud based business phone systems, has launched iPhone, BlackBerry and Android apps. The apps enable smartphones to directly tie to a business’ RingCentral phone system. This enables the employees to use their smartphones as their primary business phone device, while fully preserving their separate personal identity on the same phone. RingCentral’s iPhone, BlackBerry and Android apps are available for free to RingCentral customers.

ThroughView has introduced Streets of New York 1.0 for the iPad. This interactive 3D book ($4.99) takes the reader back into our history. Photographs, by Jacob Riis, showing the quality of life in the slums at the end of 19th century New York have been reconstructed in 3D. This is combined with background information about both the history of New York and the life the photographer.

Pedala Games has unveiled Air Soccer 2011 HD, for iPad. Developed to make the player feel in a real soccer stadium, the $0.99 app offers a “gaming experience with the excitement of soccer and the fun and ease of Air Hockey, including HD graphics and sounds.” You can play a single match or the career mode with the 32 national teams. You can win 12 trophies and check out your game statistics. And you can challenge your family and friends in the 2-player mode.

Mobobo has debuted Talking 3d Lab Mat 1.0, a 3D talking app for iOS devices. You mix various concoctions of potions in the $0.99 app and giving them to your willing guinea pig, Lab Mat, who will change into another critter, depending on the drink.

RoJaSoft has rolled out proSchool 1.0, a $0.99 app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a school calendar based on a class schedule for the Apple devices. ProSchool allows you to keep track of all your homework, tests, grades, subjects, and more.

JixiPix has served up Grungetastic 1.0 for the iPhone and iPad. For the “photographer that loves everything grungy,” the app is for distressing and adding grunge to your image. Grungetastic includes over 80 overlays and almost 40 border. The iPhone version is $0.99; the iPad version is $1.99.

Power App has created SMSwriterLite, a free iPhone app offering a way “to share a smile with friends and loved ones.” It has over 65 ready-made SMS templates.

Smartoonz has unleashed Monkey See Monkey Do — Savanna, an interactive 3D ap for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the “Monkey See Monkey Do”, the app is designed for the whole family. Monkey See Monkey Do — Savanna 1.01 is free; there’s an in-app upgrade for a fuller featured, $0.99 version.

Freeverse is offering Fantastic Fish for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the free app, you can choose from an ever-expanding assortment of fish types — including sharks, squid and eels — to raise from egg to adulthood. You populate the Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby Seas and decorate them with all kinds of amazing collectibles and decorations.  

The “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” has published a new free iPad news application. It gives users the news of the morning paper and the big updates from throughout the day, delivered in the convenient reading format of the iPad.

Richard’s App Alchemy has updated 3D Coin Toss for iOS devices to version 1.2. The free app mimics the actual physics of a coin in flight. With improved 3D graphics and performance in version 1.2, it’s easier to see the coin fly and easier to see where it lands.

Robust Media has announced Jibber 1.0.1 an iOS app that utilizes the front-facing camera allowing users to create their own video impressions of others. The $0.99 lets a new photo can be taken instantly and used inside Jibber, or an existing photo from the device’s camera roll can be selected and then cropped. The mouth of the subject is then erased using a finger, and the user then proceeds to create his/her own mouth video as if it were the subject’s mouth.

Alexander Blach has updated Textastic for iPad, a plain text editor for developers and webmasters featuring syntax highlighting, to version 2.1. The $9.99 app is compatible with more than 80 programming and markup languages. It has fully integrated connectivity, and supports on-screen, dockable, and Bluetooth keyboards. Textastic 2.1 introduces support for SFTP and FTPS, more FTP settings, plus an enhanced choice of special characters on the additional keyboard row.

Sidwyn Koh has released Definition 3.0, an update to his $2.99 dictionary iOS app. Definitions are presented while you type and suggestions, synonyms and antonyms are also included. Users can also shake their device for a random word to improve their vocabulary.

Wyse Technology, which specializes in cloud client computing, has rolled out new, free versions of its iOS apps PocketCloud and PocketCloud Pro, enhancing performance and adding the ability to multitask while connected to a Mac, PC, or virtual desktop.

Hashsoft has updated Call Snooze, its call and SMS reminder app for the iPhone and iPod touch, to version 1.1. The free app is designed to help people remember to return a call to their loved ones. The user may either return a call to a list of favorite contacts, or access the address book for full contact list. Call Snooze 1.1 now introduces custom reminder time, recurring reminders, custom alert sound and an automatic “I’ll call you back” SMS template.

Lifeware Solutions has served up Deluxe Moon 1.3 for iPhone and iPod touch. Combining traditional lunar themes with modern technology, the $4.99 tool is an app to discover relationships between moon phases and tides, animals, human emotions, relationships, blood pressure an even finances. It provides information on the moon, precise moon phase times and tracking moon influence on users’ events, specific gardening advice, a moon horoscope and more.

Appsymmetry has updated Goal Achiever for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to version 1.1.2. The $2.99 app is designed to help you manage long-term goals into short-term steps. Users can view their goals and their success achieving their goals, using the goal timeline and goal list.

Ribasoft has introduced HoursTracker HD — Timesheet 1.1.2, an iPad version of HoursTracker for the iPhone. The $4.99 app (the iPhone version is $2.99) is for recording hours worked. Users can keep track of time spent working at one or more jobs as an hourly employee, or hours billed to one or more clients as an independent. The app can run start/stop timers, and also manually add time for any number of jobs. Calculating hours and earnings, the app can generate/export reports by day, by week, by month, or by job.

Meritum Soft d.o.o. has updated Meritum Paint Pro, its painting app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to version 1.6.0. The $1.99 app lets you create art with just a few finger stokes. Meritum Paint Pro features six different drawing modes, full retina display support, a color picker, background import support, social networking and more.

Boinx Software has unveiled You Gotta See This! 1.4, an update to the company’s $1.99 panography photo app for the iPhone. The app gives users the ability to choose between two built-in cameras, hit record, point, and capture their surroundings in an arbitrary, 3D fashion for eye-catching results. The new transparent theme allows users to integrate images into their creative workflows.