Agilis Software ( has announced that their
EasyLicenser License Manager and Orion Network Licensing Platform can
now protect 64-bit C/C++ applications running on Mac OS X, Linux,
Windows, Solaris-SPARC and Solaris-Intel platforms.

Linux support includes 32- and 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE
and Ubuntu distributions and compatible platforms such as Fedora,
CentOS, OpenSuSE, and Novell SLES/SLED. Independent software vendors
(ISVs) can now use Agilis’s licensing solutions to protect their
applications on this expanded range of platforms, as well as on any
Java-enabled platform. Orion can also protect C# and

The new releases are EasyLicenser version 2.5.11, and the Orion
client library version 2.0.11. Both new versions are available now
and all client libraries are compatible with Agilis’ Acropolis
Integration Manager automated license generation, delivery and
management on-demand hosted services.