Craft Animations (
has announced versions of its Craft Director
Tools. Created to introduce users of Maxon’s
Cinema 4D software. Craft’s newest FreeWare
additions to Craft Director Tools include:

° Craft Camera Tools, which provide users with
real-time camera control for immediate cinematic

° Craft Vehicles, which allow artists to create
simulations for in-motion vehicles.

° Craft Accessories, which add the finishing
touches to action-packed productions by
simulating and animating props such as missiles,
trailers, cog wheels and other moving parts.
° Craft Freeware, which offers a free-to-use
extended toolbox for Craft Director Tools
allowing real-time recording, interaction and
depth orientation.

Craft Director Tools for Cinema 4D are available
now and are individually priced between US129 and
$1,199. Mac and Windows versions of Craft
Director Tools are compatible with Cinema 4D R10,
R10.5 and R11. Craft Director Tools are also
available for Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya, Mac
and Windows platforms.