Elgato (http://www.elgato.com) and Hauppauge Digital have teamed up
to bring high definition TV recording using H.264 to the Mac. Using
the Hauppauge HD PVR USB 2.0 personal video recorder and the latest
version (3.1) of Elgato’s EyeTV 3 software, users can watch and
record HDTV from a cable or satellite set top box and create TV and
movie libraries on their Mac using high definition H.264 encoding.

HD PVR is the world’s first consumer device for recording video from
high definition cable TV and satellite set top boxes in resolutions
up to 1080i. HD PVR compresses the recordings using high definition
H.264 in real-time. It offers component video (YCrCb) inputs and
records video at data rates from 1Mbit/second to 13.5Mbit/second.
Audio is recorded using AAC or Dolby Digital from optical SPDIF.
Audio and component video can be looped through so users can record
and watch HD at the same time.

EyeTV turns Macs into both a TV and a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).
Users can watch, record, edit, and enjoy television on their Macs,
and play it on their iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. The HD PVR is
available immediately at a suggested retail price of US$249. EyeTV
3.1 is available immediately from Elgato’s Online Shop for $79.95;
the update is free for existing users of EyeTV 3.