Canto partner Moksa, has announced Typetrax, software that links
Canto Cumulus ( with Insider Software’s
FontAgent Pro for users of Adobe’s InDesign and Illustrator. Typetrax
enables Cumulus-based creative groups to see and manage the fonts
used in their InDesign and Illustrator documents, right from within

TypeTrax adds the missing link to digital design projects. Fully
integrated with Canto Cumulus, a leader in digital asset management,
TypeTrax allows a user to simply drag a document into Canto Cumulus
and TypeTrax automatically detects and displays the project’s font
resources in WYSIWYG mode.

TypeTrax also provides full access to font metadata with just a few
clicks. In addition, native fonts and associated font data can be
viewed from within Cumulus. When a user checks out an InDesign
document, Cumulus and TypeTrax automatically preflight it to ensure
inclusion of the fonts, images and all associated resources files
that are needed to properly output the job.

The retail price for TypeTrax is $99.95 US per workstation. TypeTrax
will be available directly from Insider Software, Moksa, Inc. and
resellers worldwide, including SHI, PC Connection, PC Mall and Zones.