Contexture Design has refreshed its line of iPod accessories with the
release of their latest cases made from reclaimed audiocassettes.
Originally launched in 2007 to fit first and second-generation nanos,
the cases known as 45 nano have been updated to fit the fourth
generation iPod nano.

45 nano follows Contexture’s sold-out limited-edition iPod cases know
as 45, named after the typical playing speed of the seven-inch
records from which they were custom-made. One side of the
cassette-cases has been hollowed out to fit fourth generation iPod
nanos, shielded by a clear plastic window that includes openings for
access to the music player’s controls, headphone jack and charging

The cases’ flipside has been retained and looks like a “vintage”
cassette. For added cushioning, the cassette-cases include foam
padding and come enclosed in their original, clear plastic cases.
According to Contexture’s philosophy of using recycled and repurposed
materials, 45nano — which costs US$45 — has been designed and
constructed sustainably using reclaimed tapes and foam padding, says
Nathan Lee of Contexture.