Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Fraga-Games has announced FrontCam Mirror 1.0 for iPhone 4 devices. The free app was developed to provide the user with an easy-to-use and straightforward makeup mirror by taking advantage of the front camera of the iPhone 4.

IvoxBytes has released StepMeter PRO 1.0, a $1.99 health and fitness application for the iPhone and iPod touch. By taking advantage of the devices accelerometer, it will show users the amount of progress that has been done for the day.  It will also show the counts of steps, the distance or miles that the user has gone, and the workout time and the calorie that was being burned.

Touchy is a new, $0.99 iPhone game in which players try to touch each other’s screen without letting their own screen be touched.

Cortado ( has launched its free cloud desktop application, Cortado Workplace for iPad. The application provides users with central cloud storage for files and documents that can be managed via the app or launched directly with the relevant Office application. In addition, documents can be printed from the iPad to the nearest printer. Cortado’s cloud printing process works without relying on a PC or Mac and currently supports more than 10,000 different printer models and all common document types.

SortFix, a search technology company, has unveiled SortFix Touch, an iPad tool for its sort-search platform. The free application allows users to refine their search query and allow them to get more accurate results, without the need to type in extra words.

Vital Source Technologies — an e-textbook solution provider for publishers, academic institutions and students — has unveiled the VitalSource Bookshelf application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The free app allows full e-textbook, student notes and highlights to be downloaded to the devices, making it unnecessary to be connected to the Internet to access the full content. VitalSource Bookshelf is a digital textbook platform providing synchronization across download, online and mobile delivery methods.    

Ivanovich Games has produced Time Geeks: Find all! 1.0, a $0.99 game for iOS devices. Just like in the 80’s, it’s a seek and find game based on Pixel Art graphics and retro style. Time Geeks features six game modes, including seven funny mini-games with more than 100 challenges, as well as OpenFeint to share your records and get achievements.

Intersog is offering Full Business Learning 1.0 for the iPad, a free addition to the Learning-To-Go series of mobile learning apps. Full Business Learning allows users to supplement their knowledge of business via learning tests composed from over 1,500 flashcards covering a diverse array business topics and aggregated from 17 of the most popular Learning-To-Go business courses.

Smappsoft has debuted Sounds of the Orchestra 1.0, a $1.99 music education app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It offers a way for children of all ages to learn about orchestral instruments through games and listening activities. They can explore the four sections of the orchestra, and learn about the individual instruments within each one while listening to classical musical favorites.

Mobwe has rolled out U.S. Ahead 1.0 for iPhone 3GS/4 devices. The $1.99 app allows U.S. citizens to discover the United States in a “new, unique way.” By turning your iPhone 3GS/4, you can see — in real time — what states, national parks, lakes and famous places are ahead of you, in the pointed direction. Each location is directly linked to Wikipedia, providing information about each area such as geography, history, images, education, sports and more.

Guerrilla Code has uneleashed ZonkOut, their first iOS title. It’s a $0.99 sleep timer that works with the built-in iPod app. Just select your favorite songs and spin the sleep timer. ZonkOut takes care of naturally fading your music and stoping playback when you zonk out. You can use ZonkOut by selecting songs in the iPod app or with the in-app media picker.

Humble Gaming has announced Live Notes 1.1 an update to their $5.99 app for the iPad. It allows the user to synchronize voice recording with written notes. Version 1.1 includes an undo function, emailing of audio recordings, search function, VGA output and integration with Box.Net.

With its version 5.0 update, Packing Pro has now become a Universal app. It’s a $2.99 personal packing assistant that features a customizable catalog, several sample lists that can be used as templates, and customizable packing lists. This update, free for all existing customers, brings full iPad-optimized support to the iPhone travel app. It also brings improved performance when run on iPhones and iPod touches.

Ascii Studios has launched Reminder Pro 2.0, an update to their $1.99 birthday, anniversary and date reminder application for iOS devices. It will allow you to create and import your contact data, then setup automatic alerts to ensure you don’t forget an important date. Version 2.0 sports over 150 reminder icons, Facebook integration and iOS 4.0 local notifications.

Daniel Amitay has unveiled Big Brother Camera Security 1.2, a major update to the free photo security app for the iPhone 4 and fourth gen iPod touch. It allows owners to receive notifications whenever someone uses their device without permission. Each notification includes the date and time, GPS location, and two pictures of the perpetrator. Turn on Big Brother, turn off your screen. Whenever a person enters an incorrect password, the device will take two photos and email you.

Apimac has introduced iDatabase 3.4, an update to their $1.99 database tool for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 3.4 brings iOS 4 optimized high-resolution Retina Display graphics on iPhone 4.

Capparsa has rolled out TimeTag 1.03, an update to their $2.99 productivity tool for iOS devices. It’s a personal time sheet application that allows you to create and use descriptive tags to track the time spent on your day’s activities.