Noise Industries, developer of visual effects
tools for the post-production and broadcast
markets, announced that development partner
Idustrial Revolution has released the Decimal
Counter FxPack plug-in for Apple Final Cut Studio
and Apple Final Cut Express applications.

Developed to produce professionally automated
count sequences quickly, the new Idustrial
Revolution FxPack is powered by the free Noise
Industries FxFactory engine and offers extensive
controls for fine tuning text animation and
positioning, according to Peter Wiggins, Founder,
Idustrial Revolution. Features include:

° Proportional and non-proportional (mono-space) display of proportional fonts;

° The ability to use any installed font without positional jitter;

* Respects country settings for separators (1,000.00 or 1.000,00);

° Toggle separators on and off;

° Toggle currency symbol on and off;

° Left, right, and center ranging;

° Global character spacing control (tracking);

° Fully key frame numbers ;

° Two ranges for ease of use (example +- 1000 +- 99,999,99);

° Integer, Tenths and Hundredths selectable for display;

° Customizable font color and drop shadow parameters;

° Toggle customizable gradient background on and off

The Idustrial Revolution Decimal Counter FxPack
is available today via for US$29. A
free 15-day trial version is also available on
the Idustrial Revolution web site. Additional
Noise Industries partner plug-in packages are
available for free, or commercially starting at a
price point of $29.