QuickerTek Announces Two new products
The “Plug N Play” Antenna
For Apple Extreme Airport Base Stations
The G5 Blue Tooth Extension Antenna cable

Wichita, Ks -Dec 17, 2003 – QuickerTek, developers of PowerBook antennas
for Titanium PowerBooks and external antennas for both the Graphite and
Snow wireless base stations, is now shipping their “Plug N Play” external
antenna that works with Apple’s Airport Extreme Base Stations (Extreme with
USB and External Antenna port). The Plug N Play typically increases signal
line-of-sight distance to an average of 600 yards, and makes it easy for
users to install their own antennas, using external antenna ports. The
“Plug N play” is priced at $89.95 and is available immediately. The Plug N
Play antenna does not require any base station modifications or
installation software.

The Plug N Play includes a 5Dbi Omni directional antenna along with the
necessary cabling, bracket and installation instructions. QuickerTek also
includes a CD for measuring your wireless system performance.

The G5 BlueTooth Extension cable allows G5 owners to improve Blue Tooth
range and place the desktop computer conveniently with out sacrificing
range in the Bluetooth pico net. This product is available at $54.95 and is
also available for immediate delivery.

“Customer’s who’ve bought our other Antenna products have been thrilled
with the performance improvements,” said Rick Estes, President of
QuickerTek, “and now we’re providing a high performance Extreme antenna at
a truly affordable price.

QuickerTek strongly recommends that owners of Titanium PowerBooks purchase
a Whip Antenna along with there Extreme Plug N Play.

QuickerTek is the recognized leading innovator of Antenna’s for Apple
products. With their Ti book antenna’s, antennas for Graphite, Snow and
Extreme Base Stations, and the only company with Antenna’s for the new G5

For more information contact, QuickerTek, 7777 E. Osie Street, Suite 304a,
Wichita, Ks 67207, phone 316-691-1585, sales@quickertek.com or online at

These Plug N Play antennas can be purchased at retailers such as
TechnoWarehouse, http://www.TechnoWarehousellc.com.