Fontlab has released Photofont Webready
(, a Mac OS X compatible
typography product for web designers. The folks at Fontlab say that
web page designers have struggled with the tradeoff between
searchability and good typography since the beginning of the Internet.

“If you wanted good typography you had to use bitmaps,” says Ted
Harrison of Fontlab. “But if you wanted your headlines indexed by the
search engines you had to use generic vector fonts. WebReady solves
this problem by creating ‘Flash text’ for web pages. The headlines
look like bitmaps, but they act like hypertext.”

WebReady works with any TrueType or Type 1 font. It also works with
photofonts, bitmap fonts that can have colors, textures, grayscale
and transparency. WebReady makes them work as hypertext.

WebReady costs US$79.95 for a single-user license. A demo is
available for download.