TECSoft is offering a Workflow Automation with
AppleScript class
in San Francisco, Jan. 7-9. No prior programming
experience is required.

The class teaches AppleScript fundamentals and
how to create powerful workflow automation
solutions by controlling applications with
AppleScript. Participants complete hands-on
exercises designed to reinforce learning, and
finish the course by developing real-world
AppleScript software automation solutions.

According to TECSoft participants will learn:

° How to begin working with AppleScript’

° How to use commands, objects, dictionaries,
variables, conditional statements, repeat loops,
tell statements, the object model, elements,
properties, subroutines, and more;

° How to script FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro,
InDesign, the OS X Finder, and other scriptable

° How to use AppleScript to join applications
together to create software automation solutions.