Chronos LC has released iScrapBox 1.0, a dedicated artwork manager
for digital scrapbooking. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

“As digital scrapbookers have collected thousands of artwork images,
they’ve found it next-to-impossible to find the perfect image when
needed,” says Jerry Halls, vice president of sales at Chronos. “We’ve
developed a new patent-pending way of bundling digital artwork into
‘iScrapKits’ which makes the artwork fully searchable. And now our
iScrapBox artwork manager makes it fast and easy to instantly find
the perfect image in users’ iScrapKit collections.”

Users can use iScrapBox to browse and search their collections of
iScrapKits. Once the image you want is found, it can be opened
directly in a dedicated scrapbooking application like iScrapbook or
popular graphics-editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Users can purchase l artwork in the iScrapKit format from the
iScrapbook Store ( Users need only
double-click the iScrapKits afterwards to add them to iScrapBox. No
other setup or organization is necessary to start browsing and
searching the kits. Other notable iScrapBox features include:

A fully functional 30 day trial version can be downloaded from
Chronos’ web site ( iScrapBox costs
US$19.99; a family pack is available for $34.99.